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Damicro Inc. Services

Damicro Inc. is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. We are an indispensible asset to over 20 successful enterprises.

We will analyze, design, create and implement solutions for your business. While reducing operational cost,
increasing productivity gains, optimizing existing and future IT investments, we help you raise your business to a higher level,
market, and presence. We provide services in both development and training that have compelling benefits
that deliver a more streamlined business process thus giving your employees and clients improved satisfaction and availability.

We offer the following services:

  • Multi-User database Development - Mainly using Ms-Access or Ms-SQL
  • Sotware training
  • Server management
  • Around the clock security monitoring and unmatched protection
  • Network design, continuous maintenance, and support
  • Ongoing consultation
  • On-site maintenance and support
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Database management and integrity
  • Website maintenance
  • Spam filtering services
  • Unmatched anti-virus protection

Discover the power that peace of mind can bring.
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